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Eager to offer a range of recreational activities dedicated to discovery and instruction in the field of modern amplified music, Rocklab has created the annual event “24 Heures Electro for Kids”. The young audience programme of the 24 Heures Electroniques aims at initiating the young ones and their parents to the fascinating world of modern electronic music with its sounds and creative components. Workshops for groups & school classes, family entertainment activities and an interactive exhibition ensure a complete experience of the fascinating world of amplified and electronic music.




/// The past editions have featured exhibits provided by the Mobiles Musikmuseum by Michael Bradke such as: ///


SAMPLOPHONE - An electronic xylophone which mixes all kinds of different sounds, be it city ambiance, jungle noises or disco tracks!


VOICE TRANSFORMER - Mickey Mouse or monster voices, cathedral or cave atmospheres! Talk and sing in different acoustic environments!

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