Rental Conditions




Rehearsal rooms and dance room

The Rocklab rehearsal rooms and dance room can be rented by artists and bands from Luxembourg. The rental is subject to availability and prior approval by Rocklab.


Rehearsal times are from Monday to Sunday, between 10 am and 11 pm.

In order to rent one of the rehearsal rooms or the dance room, you need to complete and sign the official form and the Rocklab's Terms and Conditions and send them via mail or e-mail.


Please find the download links for the documents below:


Download the form and pricing information for the rehearsal rooms (PDF)
Download the rental Terms and Conditions (PDF



Rehearsal room residency


For bands and musicians looking for a dedicated work & rehearsal space over a certain period of time in order to prepare a defined project (recording session, songwriting session, intense rehearsals...), Rocklab has put in place days & week packages.


To know more about the conditions, get in touch via e-mail or phone 24 555 1.



Live rehearsals


Bands and artists from Luxembourg who are looking for a dedicated live rehearsal space (concert or tour preparation, residency, technical preparation) have the possilibity to work at the Club or the Floor of the Rockhal.


Please complete and return the forms below if you are interested:

Download the rental form and pricing information for rehearsals at the Club and the Floor of the Rockhal (PDF)

Download the rental Terms and Conditions (PDF)