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Rocklab invites kids and their parents to discover the world of electronic music during the vernissage of the 7th edition of the 24H Electro for Kids combining workshops and an interactive sound lab.


In May, parts of Rocklab will again be transformed into a playground and sonic laboratory with workshops for groups & school classes, which can be booked in advance. In addition to these, which will be hosted by musical pedagogue Micky Thein, visitors will find a whole lot of interactive play stations such as the Komponiermaschine, the Loop Disco or La Boîte, as well as a small studio area, which invite you to play, experiment and discover electronic music in a playful environment



24H Electro for Kids 2017 Vernissage - Family Music workshop


On May 06 2017

From 11.00 to 13.00

Free entry, prior registration recommended



Workshops for groups and school classes


From May 08 to May 26

Fee, booking required



The Sound Lab:

This year, Rocklab has teamed up once again with Michael Bradke's Mobiles Musikmuseum to bring you several interactive play stations, among which the Komponiermaschine. This giant hybrid bike works like a huge musical box as soon as one starts to pedal. The tempo, rhythm and melodies can be altered freely so everyone can come up with their own piece of music. Another physical activity awaits the young ones in the Loop Disco, which is a giant controller resembling a dance floor. By dancing and jumping around one triggers off a set of samples and can recompose a song with one's dance moves. Furthermore, La Boîte, developed by French audiovisual artist duo Gangpol & Mit, will enable the young ones to discover one of the fundamental devices of electronic music: the sequencer!


About Micky Thein:

Micky Thein is a graduate from the "Hochschule für Musik Saar" and completed her bachelor of music in elementary music education and trumpet performance in 2012. She then went on to study a Master of Arts in Music Education at the "Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln" in 2014. Micky Thein is currently working for the UGDA music school, teaching foundational music to children and working as a trumpet teacher. In addition to her educational profession, she is engaged in numerous musical communication projects and has recently produced an interactive musical story called Carlo Koffer.